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About Us

Discover JW Steakhouse Berlin

Our spacious JW Steakhouse Berlin is a lively meeting place offering new spins on the classic as well as innovative dishes with high quality certified prime beef and local sourced products.

Specialized in meats, it caters to the steak connoisseurs as well as the neophytes looking for a culinary moment in Berlin. Tender and juicy. Surprising and tasty. Life is an occasion well worth celebrating. Savor the moment fully.

The warm red ambiance, that embraces the hundreds of seats, conveys an exquisite and sophisticated atmosphere. Dive into a world of flavors. Each meat is carefully selected and is sourced directly from our partner farm located in the North of Berlin in Landkreis Oberhavel. Cuts are presented at your table on a traditional wooden board. Each of our steaks, matured using the Dry aging technique, is unique.

For each of them, a specific knife from our steak knife collection can be used.

Sharing the moment outside as well. Celebrate or extend it on our terrace with around 50 seats.